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Colorado paramedic honored upon his return after dying of coronavirus while serving in NYC

A retired Colorado paramedic who died from coronavirus after volunteering to help combat the pandemic in New York City was being honored Sunday as his body was returned to Denver.

Terminally ill, a Colorado man wanted aid-in-dying. His Catholic hospital said no.

Even as an increasing number of U.S. states have legalized aid-in-dying laws, exercising that option is challenging for patients in a country where most large hospital systems have deep religious ties and the religious right is powerful

High-deductible plans jeopardize financial health of patients and rural hospitals in Colorado and beyond

In rural areas, where high-deductible plans are even more prevalent and incomes tend to be lower than in urban areas, patients often struggle to pay those deductibles

What would happen if the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare — went away?

What would go away ― meaning which provisions consumers have become accustomed to ― if the law is eventually struck down? Let’s take a look.