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Martinez case

Martinez case

Nicolais: Martinez decision demonstrates Colorado’s Supreme Court commitment to judicial discipline

While much of the federal government remains shutdown by political strife, Colorado’s top court continues to work just as it should

Opinion: 10 things Colorado lawmakers should prioritize to be forward thinking on fracking

Colorado Supreme Court sides with oil and gas in major ruling on environmental regulations

In the closely watched Martinez case, the court says the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission doesn't have the power to make health concerns a priority

Colorado’s new attorney general plans legal action against Trump administration over health care, citizenship question

Phil Weiser says “there is going to be an ongoing opportunity for us to join a range of lawsuits that are protecting our Colorado way of life (and) our population and standing up for the rule of law.”

Colorado Supreme Court hears high-stakes “Martinez case” lawsuit around oil and gas

The case revolves around how much weight energy regulators should give public health and the environment