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Colorado’s COVID rent-assistance program is now paying out five times more following changes

A struggling renter’s last hope is now the Emergency Rental Assistance Program following last week’s abrupt end to the national eviction moratorium. A renter can receive up to 15 months of unpaid back and future rent through ERAP, thanks to two rounds of federal relief packages. But six months after launching, Colorado’s program had paid […]

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Thousands of Coloradans struggling to pay rent asked the state for help. $6.5 million later, phones are still ringing.

As the pandemic began affecting livelihoods last year, Stephanie Maney would sometimes catch a glimpse of her phone number on TV news broadcasts, news stories or communication from the state’s housing division or Gov. Jared Polis’ office.  Sometimes it was 303-864-7852. Other times 303-864-7810. Sometimes both. She was the only person answering calls from Coloradans […]

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Colorado faces a 20,000-applicant backlog in requests for rent help as federal eviction ban is extended

Renters struggling to stay in their homes got a three-month reprieve as the federal ban on evictions was extended until June 30. And they just may need it as Colorado’s rent-assistance program is now under new rules that could delay how fast money is being distributed. “Unfortunately, at times, bureaucracy moves slower than the courts […]