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Opinion: The freedom of work independence, the security of employment benefits

The pandemic has been an unexpected boon for workers. After an initial surge in unemployment, the economy has recovered and now, with a red-hot labor market, workers are figuring out how to demand more from their companies. In some cases, this is taking the form of direct confrontation, like the battle between Amazon and its […]

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$10 million poured into 2019 election, but big money couldn’t push Proposition CC to passage

Advocates for Proposition CC outspent the opposition by more than double but still lost in the statewide November election. The two campaign committees behind the ballot question — Coloradans for Prosperity and Great Education Colorado — spent a combined $4.5 million on the failed effort, according to final campaign finance reports filed late last week. […]

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Lyft is introducing a fleet of 200 electric Kias in Colorado, a car model that motorists here can’t even buy

Coloradans will be able to catch a ride in a sleek, new $40,000 electric Kia Niro as soon as December even though the vehicles aren’t available for sale in the state. That’s because Lyft is making a fleet of 200 of the long-range electric crossovers available for lease to its Colorado drivers.   The ride-sharing company […]

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Colorado is home to a collection of classic Shelby muscle cars. But are they just bygone relics in the Uber era?

A 6-foot-tall photo of Carroll Shelby looms large over the entrance of the Shelby American Collection. He’s a rockstar in American car and racing culture, and museum president Steve Volk wants visitors to know that. “He put American cars on the map, by winning and showing what an American car can do,” Volk said. “He […]

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On your left! Here comes another attempt to get scooters off the sidewalks

Scooters, get off the sidewalk. It makes sense to pedestrians and scooter riders alike that the electric scooters zipping around Colorado ought to use bike lanes instead of dodging people on sidewalks. But in fact, state law says it’s illegal for them to drive in the street. The electric two-wheelers that top out at about […]