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Opinion: Why this lifelong Democrat sees two problematic U.S. Senate candidates

I am a lifelong Democrat, former U.S. Senate candidate, community activist and non-profit executive. This U.S. Senate race started off with a lot of hope and energy, and sadly it was dwindled down to two remaining candidates.  There has been a surge during these very necessary and powerful Black Lives Matter protests of support for […]

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Colorado Supreme Court removes second Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Lorena Garcia, from primary ballot

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday removed another Democratic U.S. Senate candidate from the June primary ballot after reversing a lower court’s order. Lorena Garcia, a community organizer, should not be allowed to participate in the election, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled. Garcia didn’t collect enough signatures — 1,500 from each of Colorado’s seven congressional […]

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Colorado Supreme Court rules Democratic U.S. Senate candidate who didn’t collect sufficient signatures shouldn’t be on ballot

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday reversed a lower court’s ruling that allowed a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate to be on the June primary ballot, even though she hadn’t collected enough signatures to qualify. Michelle Ferrigno Warren, a nonprofit leader, argued that she wasn’t able to gather the necessary number of signatures — 1,500 […]

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Denver judge places second Democratic U.S. Senate candidate who failed to collect enough signatures on primary ballot

A Denver judge on Thursday placed a second Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate on the June primary ballot even though she didn’t collect enough signatures to qualify for the election. Denver District Court Judge Christopher Baumann, in a ruling from the bench, ordered that community organizer Lorena Garcia should be on the ballot because she […]

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Judge places Democratic U.S. Senate candidate who only collected half the necessary signatures on primary ballot

In a ruling that upends the Democratic U.S. Senate primary in Colorado, a Denver judge ruled Tuesday that a little-known candidate be placed on the June ballot despite only collecting half the necessary signatures to qualify for the election.  Denver District Court Judge Christopher Baumann ruled that the fact Michelle Ferrigno Warren, an immigration activist […]

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Colorado’s Democratic race for U.S. Senate is essentially set. It’s Romanoff vs. Hickenlooper.

The primary ballot is all-but official: It’s a two-man race for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Colorado. John Hickenlooper, the two-term former governor, and Andrew Romanoff, the former state House speaker, will compete in June for the chance to challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in one of the nation’s most-watched November contests. […]

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How the coronavirus snuffed the primary for U.S. Senate and cemented Hickenlooper as the front-runner

Not too long ago, this week should have marked a definitive moment in Andrew Romanoff’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. The insurgent progressive expected to stand on a big stage, in front of hundreds of supporters at the Colorado Democratic Party assembly, and claim the top line on the June 30 primary ballot. Instead, the […]

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What the Colorado campaign trail looks like in the age of coronavirus, and what it means for the election

One candidate is hosting discussions on Facebook with health care experts to answer audience questions. Another is collecting personal stories and playing piano to raise money for charity.  Others are hosting online coffee chats, creating lists of community resources and releasing revamped public health plans. No one is shaking hands or knocking on doors or […]

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Opinion: We bailed out the banks, now it’s their turn to bail the people out

It is April 1, and rents and many mortgages are due and people across this country are unemployed, underemployed and losing their businesses due to a government-mandated stay-at-home order.  But this order has been given without any guarantee that we will all have and keep our shelter. The science is clear — these are the […]