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SunLit Interview: Sheri Cobb South went deep on research for her historical mystery series

Sheri Cobb South is the bestselling author of more than 25 books. Her John Pickett series of humorous historical mysteries has been widely praised and has won several awards. Her novels have been translated into half a dozen languages. A native of Alabama, she has lived in Colorado since 2011. Tell us this book’s backstory. […]

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Norwegian will launch a Denver-Rome flight in 2020. But will passengers actually get to fly on one of their Dreamliners?

Travelers will be able to fly nonstop from Denver International Airport to Rome starting in March, thanks to a new seasonal route announced Tuesday by budget airline Norwegian.  It’s the first time the Mile High City will have a direct Italian connection, and it comes amid a steep increase in international travel from DIA, which […]