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Dark-money group spends record amount lobbying against Colorado Democrats’ effort to shrink health care costs

A national nonprofit working against Colorado Democrats’ bill to drive down health care costs in the state is setting spending records, with a dark-money nonprofit dropping nearly $560,000 to oppose the measure over a nine-month period. Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, funded by hospitals, insurers and other business interests, is now the top single-year […]

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The Colorado Capitol’s hallways are where dealmaking happens. Coronavirus has emptied them.

The normally bustling-with-activity basement cafeteria is draped in caution tape. The lobbies outside the House and Senate chambers, where spittle flies and influence peddlers jostle for a view of lawmakers, are closed. Railings in the Colorado Capitol corridors, where real estate can be hard to come by because they are lined with lobbyists, are mostly […]

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Marlboro’s owners negotiated Colorado’s proposed tobacco tax hike — and it could help them dominate the cigarette market

The maker of Marlboro cigarettes spent more than $16 million to block a tobacco tax increase in Colorado four years ago. Now it could benefit from the passage of a question on the November ballot that would dramatically increase the price of cigarettes — a question the company helped write. The company, Altria, was part […]