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Ranchers in some states can shoot wolves that attack their livestock. But not in Colorado.

Attacks on cattle and dogs by wolves that migrated into northwest Colorado from Wyoming have stoked a rancher-wolf controversy sooner than expected.


BLM to remove 80% of wild mustang herd from Sand Wash Basin in Colorado’s second helicopter roundup of the summer

The federal Bureau of Land Management intends to remove 733 horses from the northwestern Colorado rangeland despite protest from Gov. Jared Polis and horse advocates.


Opinion: What we should learn from the beef over MeatOut Day

The land-steward community is re-learning how to manage landscapes, which, when thoughtfully tended, can support and even increase biodiversity.

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Animal cruelty initiative aggravates Colorado ranchers fresh off MeatOut Day controversy

The proposed ballot measure would make ranchers wait to slaughter animals until they are older, which ranchers say would devastate Colorado’s agriculture economy.


Even in a cruel business, a Colorado author found dog breeders sometimes cry as they give up their stock

For "The Doggie in the Window," Rory Kress set out to find where her dog, Izzy, came from. She learned a lot about the law, puppy mills and the people dedicated to rescue.

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