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Colorado’s fiscal outlook keeps getting better, with even larger TABOR refunds on the horizon

Economists are more optimistic about Colorado’s tax revenue future than they were three months ago, even though labor and inflation strains continue and amid uncertainty caused by COVID-19. The headwinds have so far not been “strong enough to slow the impressive growth,” said Meredith Moon, the deputy director of the Governor’s Office of State Planning […]

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Is Colorado’s government headed toward a fiscal cliff? Democrats say yes, Republicans say no.

Colorado’s coffers are flush with cash right now — so much so that taxpayers are getting refunds. But Democrats see trouble on the horizon. They’re not worried so much about a downturn, but the potential for spending on critical services like education and health care to run up against constitutional limits on how much tax […]

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4 charts explaining Colorado’s sharply improving economy, even as low-income workers lag behind

With coronavirus vaccinations picking up pace and a $1.9 trillion federal relief package approved, Colorado’s economy continues to perform dramatically better than what the state’s economists predicted when COVID-19 arrived last year. That’s according to two financial forecasts presented to state lawmakers Friday by nonpartisan legislative staffers and Gov. Jared Polis’ office. The legislature will […]