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What’s Working: Colorado didn’t hit a record-high labor force in 2021 after all

Data, statistics and revisions. Constant revisions. Earlier this week we learned that because data has been revised, Colorado’s 2021 unemployment rates last year weren’t as high as initially reported. Colorado appeared to be trending higher than the U.S. the whole year but the revisions reduced the state’s unemployment rate by nearly a whole percentage point […]

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Opinion: How emotionally intelligent bosses make Colorado a better place to work

Millions of employees left their jobs last year in what has been dubbed “the Great Resignation,” and Colorado, as the state with the fourth-highest number of resignations, is hardly immune. Yet Colorado also is better positioned than most to weather this talent shakeup because we lead the country in offering innovative benefits, work-life balance and […]

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Welcome back, Denver office friends — or whoever shows up at work on any given day

Before the pandemic, TextUs had an office in downtown Boulder where half of its employees worked, while the rest worked remotely.  And then, well, you know what happened.  Everyone was sent home and traded commutes for virtual Zoom meetings, open work spaces and office buzz for home offices with roommates and pets, lunches out with […]

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King Soopers employee union to hold strike vote on Sunday

The contentious contract negotiations between King Soopers management and the union representing 17,000 grocery workers in Colorado and Wyoming remains unresolved. And now, the S word has been uttered. Officials with United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 7 said Thursday that a pre-authorization strike vote will be held Sunday in Denver and Monday in […]

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What’s Working: Colorado’s job recovery rate is the nation’s 10th fastest. So why is our jobless rate the 15th highest?

Colorado has come a long way since the start of the pandemic when, as with every state, the unemployment rate increased. The state’s rate jumped to 12.1% in April 2020, from 2.8% before the pandemic.  The state’s jobless rate dropped to 5.4% in October, from September’s 5.6%. That, plus a bunch of other economic data, […]