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The dominant theme at Colorado Republicans’ state assembly: election conspiracies

COLORADO SPRINGS — It only took about an hour for election conspiracies to rear their heads Saturday at the Colorado GOP’s state assembly, an important biennial gathering where Republican insiders pick their party’s statewide candidates.  Before a single candidate took the stage, state party chairwoman, Kristi Burton Brown, explained the assembly would be voting by […]

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Colorado Republicans’ hopes of winning in 2022 clash this week with 2020 election deniers

Colorado Republicans’ hopes for winning in November could hinge on a clash this week between those in the party still focused on baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and those who want to focus on the future. The GOP’s state assembly, where Republican primary candidates will be selected by party insiders, is […]

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Democrats’ effort to affirm abortion access in Colorado won’t stop Republicans from trying to limit the procedure

Colorado Democrats are poised this year to pass a bill enshrining the state’s existing abortion-access guarantees in law. But even if the yet-to-be-introduced measure is signed by Gov. Jared Polis as expected, existing threats to abortion access in Colorado would remain mostly intact. Republicans would still have the ability to try to pass legislation or […]

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“You’re under threat”: Voting rights resolutions at Colorado statehouse become election-year pitch from Democrats

Speaker Alec Garnett looked into the camera live-broadcasting his remarks from the Colorado House chambers on Tuesday and made a pitch to Coloradans.  “The choice is clear,” the Denver Democrat said during debate over a resolution seeking to reaffirm the 2020 presidential results and calling on Congress to pass Democrats’ stalled voting access bills.  Garnett […]

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“A fighting tone”: Colorado Republicans are heading into the 2022 legislative session on the offensive

Republicans in the Colorado legislature have been mostly playing defense over the past three years. But that posture is changing in 2022, an election year that will determine whether conservatives will remain relegated to the sidelines of Colorado politics.  This year, Republicans are going on the offensive.  Republicans see the 2022 legislative session that began […]

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Partisanship, outside spending dominated some local Colorado elections this year

School board and municipal elections in Colorado are nonpartisan — but that’s really in name only.  While candidates may not be identified as Republicans or Democrats on the ballot, there is plenty of partisan spending and support happening behind the scenes. That was especially true this year, when conservatives spent heavily to win municipal contests […]

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Despite Colorado’s new redistricting process being independent, there was still plenty of political influence

A Republican state lawmaker worried about being drawn out of his district gave party activists talking points on how he would shape new legislative maps.  At a public hearing in Durango, a number of current and former La Plata County Democratic Party officers testified before Colorado’s independent congressional and legislative redistricting commissions but didn’t mention […]