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Two King Soopers workers file unfair labor charge against union after getting fined for crossing the picket line

Two King Soopers employees who crossed the picket lines as union grocery employees went on strike in January for better wages — and were then fined by the union — filed an unfair labor charge against the union on Monday. According to the complaint, the union fined Nick Hall $812 and Marcelo Ruybal $3,799. In […]

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What’s Working: Where Colorado’s COVID economic recovery is better and worse than the rest of the country

Colorado’s economy continues to improve from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that was expected as businesses adapted and employees returned to work. We are, after all, nearly two years from Spring 2020’s massive business disruptions. What makes Colorado’s economy stand out is how much better — or worse — it has recovered compared […]

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King Soopers union employees approve 3-year contract after striking at Denver-area stores

Workers at Denver-area King Soopers grocery stores approved a new three-year contract on Monday that includes wage increases of more than $5 an hour for some employees, which the union called “the most significant wage increase ever secured by a United Food and Commercial Workers local for grocery workers.” The contract also creates more full-time […]

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Judge issues temporary restraining order against union as King Soopers strike heads into second week

A week into the planned three-week labor strikes outside 77 King Soopers stores from Boulder to Parker and there’s no new contract in sight. And now, there’s also a temporary restraining order.  King Soopers on Tuesday said that a court granted the restraining order against the union because the “union’s actions were unlawful and unsafe […]

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What’s Working: The King Soopers labor strike isn’t Colorado’s first. Here’s why we’ll probably see more.

If you haven’t heard, King Soopers employees are on strike to protest unfair labor practices. Not all of them — only those at 77 stores from Boulder to Parker. But more may join soon as employment contracts in Pueblo, Fort Collins, Greeley and elsewhere expire this month or next. United Food and Commercial Workers Local […]

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King Soopers union workers reject what grocery chain calls “last, best and final offer”

No way, no how is Mark Simmons going to cross the King Soopers picket lines as union employees walk off the job Wednesday to protest unfair labor practices and seek better wages and work conditions.  The Denver resident, a long-time customer who remembers shopping there with his mother and younger brothers after moving to Colorado […]

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King Soopers union rejects request for mediator, will strike in Denver starting Wednesday

A three-week labor strike at Denver-area King Soopers stores is slated to begin Wednesday after union officials rejected a request by the grocer to ask for federal mediators to intervene.  “At this point, King Soopers needs to face its workers,” Kim Cordova, president of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, said Monday during a […]