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Almost 75% of likely Colorado voters are already vaccinated against coronavirus or plan to get inoculated, poll shows

Nearly three in four likely Colorado voters have been or plan to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, a new survey from Keating Research, OnSight Public Affairs and Mike Melanson shows.  The poll of 528 likely Colorado voters from April 20-26 is an encouraging sign that the state will be able to inoculate 75% or more […]

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Denver parents worry their children are learning less online, surveys indicate

Many Denver parents feel their children are learning less online than they would inside a classroom, and they’re worried their kids are falling behind, according to the results of two separate surveys — one of them a scientific poll — conducted by local advocacy groups. “Learning for my son from high school has been very […]

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A new poll in Colorado shows Democrats poised for big wins in the 2020 election. Can you trust the numbers?

A new poll conducted just days before the 2020 election shows Democrats Joe Biden and John Hickenlooper are poised for double-digit victories in Colorado. Biden, a Democrat, leads President Donald Trump 53% to 41% in the presidential race with only a fraction of voters undecided, according to the Keating Research poll of likely voters shared […]

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Colorado hits a new milestone with unaffiliated voters and busts the myth about its even partisan split

To make a case that he can win over a divided nation, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet often points to his home state. “This is a state that is exactly a third Democrat, a third Republican and a third independent,” the Colorado senator says, as he did recently at a town hall in Denver. The […]

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Colorado’s highly coveted unaffiliated voters overwhelmingly support Trump-impeachment inquiry, new poll shows

A majority of Colorado voters — 54% —  support an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, including 61% of unaffiliateds, who represent the state’s most important voting bloc.  The question provides key insight to how voters might view the candidates in Colorado’s pivotal 2020 U.S. Senate race, where Republican incumbent Cory Gardner is calling the […]

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The top Democratic and Republican pollsters in Colorado agree: 2020 is not looking good for the GOP

The state’s most prominent Democratic and Republican pollsters, in independent surveys of likely 2020 voters conducted a month apart, came to a consensus about the political mood in Colorado. President Donald Trump gets low marks. Gov. Jared Polis is popular. And people lean toward thinking that the state is headed in the right direction. But […]