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just transition

just transition
just transition

Life after coal: How workers at Colorado Springs’ shuttered power plant are transitioning to new careers

Chris Cox worked at the Martin Drake Power Plant for 10 years. He's among 80 people finding new jobs as power companies switch to cleaner fuels.


Coal is fading in northwest Colorado. The region is betting its economic future on another natural resource.

As coal mining fades, a diverse coalition of Moffat County residents and leaders is planning for the next chapter with a focus on protecting resources while managing recreation and tourism.


Colorado governor signs bill providing $15M to help coal-dependent workers, towns transition to clean energy

The law funding the state Office of Just Transition seeks to help those who lose their jobs as utilities increase their use of renewable energy

Politics and Government

Colorado wants to help after coal leaves town. It’s going to take time. And a lot of money.

The Just Transition Action Plan has options for the state to help when coal mines and power plants close. Officials want federal support, too.


Opinion: Colorado’s “just transition” for coal communities needs infrastructure investments

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