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Colorado lawmakers withdraw bill aimed at removing racial bias in jury selection

A bill aimed at addressing racial bias in how Colorado juries are picked was withdrawn by Democratic state lawmakers after the legislation faced unanimous opposition from the state’s 22 district attorneys.  The measure, Senate Bill 128, would have prohibited attorneys from trying to disqualify a potential juror from service based only on reasons such as […]

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A judge may not call it racism, but Colorado attorneys say “implicit bias” is getting people kicked off juries

A proposal from Democratic state lawmakers to address “implicit” or unintentional racial bias in how people are excluded from Colorado jury service is stalled after facing unanimous opposition from the state’s district attorneys.  Proponents of Senate Bill 128 argue it would address what they say is a longstanding problem of people of color being disqualified […]

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Racial discrimination still exists in jury selection. Colorado’s Supreme Court rejected a proposal meant to fix that.

In June 2020, as people across the United States and in communities like Denver and Aurora were protesting the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, the Colorado Supreme Court sent a letter to judges and court employees pledging its continued commitment to equal justice and the marginalized.  “We have been starkly reminded that […]