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What’s Working: Colorado resources for the unemployed, those in need or those who’d like to support them

After another up-and-down week for unemployment benefits as new federal relief seemed final and then not, let’s focus on what’s important: People

What’s Working: CARES Act II inches closer as 280,000 Coloradans will lose unemployment benefits day after Christmas

What CARES Act Part II may offer to the unemployed, plus a Denver effort to help salons and barbershops, free rent and mental-health support and 75,000 job openings

A glitch in Colorado’s unemployment system kept thousands from accessing federal coronavirus aid

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment claims to have resolved the issue that erroneously prevented some people from moving to Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Colorado unemployment claims are sharply rising again with restaurants seeing largest share of job cuts

The state has paid out $6.5 billion in benefits since the pandemic began, nearly the same amount as it did across three years of the Great Recession

It’ll be years before Colorado jobs bounce back from the coronavirus

Annual University of Colorado forecast projects the state will add 40,000 workers in 2021, not enough to offset the 148,800 lost this year

Colorado legislature figures out how to reinstate extended unemployment benefits that just ended

After thousands of Coloradans lost their state-extended benefits four weeks earlier than anticipated, lawmakers adopt a special second trigger to keep them going

What’s Working: Why nearly 100,000 out-of-work Coloradans were excluded from an unemployment benefit that is now ending early

Keep reading to learn about free job training, who’s hiring in Colorado and why some unemployment cases remain are still on hold months later.

Colorado hotels are struggling to survive coronavirus

Denver-area hotels were less than half full in October.

What’s Working: Ugh, what a week for Colorado restaurants, small businesses and the already unemployed

Thousands are facing unemployment again as at least 20 Colorado counties implement new COVID-19 restrictions, the end of one unemployment program, plus new jobs, updates on fraud, holds and more

Dip in Colorado unemployment rate triggers loss of federal benefits, just as new restrictions hit workers

The federal State Extended Benefits program provided 13 extra weeks of unemployment benefits. That now ends four weeks early on Nov. 28, after an improved state unemployment rate.

Colorado’s special legislative session on coronavirus relief set to begin Nov. 30

The special session will come only about a month before state lawmakers were set to convene on Jan. 13 for their normal legislative term.

Coronavirus killed a lot of Colorado jobs, but it also created a host of new ones in technology

Zoom, the videoconferencing service that became a verb and has an office in Denver, increased its global workforce 42%, while other tech companies grew despite the pandemic.

Colorado governor’s new budget plan includes $1.3 billion stimulus to kick-start state economy

Gov. Jared Polis spent big in the new spending proposal even as he acknowledged the “historic uncertainty” surrounding the state’s fiscal outlook

What’s Working: Colorado unemployment rate drops to 6.4%, $19 million for small businesses, plus “Lost Wages” leftovers

It’s the last day to certify for the $300 LWA, but if you’ve been stuck in the state’s unemployment system, there’s still $180 million left.

What’s Working: Unemployment backlogs, backdates and overpayments in Colorado

Plus: Fidelity has 300 jobs available, PPP forgiveness has begun, understanding your place in unemployment’s alphabet soup and more!

New form isn’t the “blanket forgiveness” some Colorado businesses hoped for in federal paycheck loan program

Months after the federal Paycheck Protection Program ended, some lenders are still waiting on guidance to forgive Colorado’s 109,170 pandemic relief loans

What’s Working: One third of Colorado’s share of “Lost Wages” still unclaimed, plus a new portal to the unemployment office

Did you know a Denver organization hosts a weekly “Who’s Hiring” webinar every Wednesday? Read on for the latest on navigating jobs in a pandemic.

The $300 “Lost Wages” bonus begins, Amazon is hiring like crazy and answers from Colorado’s labor department

The chaos of pandemic employment continues but What’s Working has got you covered.

Colorado’s unemployment rate fell again in August, but there’s a growing number of underemployed people

The hospitality industry has been slow to recover, which put Denver among the five Colorado counties with the highest unemployment rates. Also: The Lost Wages Assistance payments of $300/week has begun.

“COVID is still affecting everything”: Fears still mounting over a forthcoming Colorado eviction surge

Colorado eviction courts are seeing a buildup in cases now that moratoriums have expired

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