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What’s Working: Same Denver house, same price, but $190 more per month

The biggest inflation news this week erupted Wednesday as the Federal Reserve announced the largest interest rate increase since 1994. While expected, that doesn’t make it any easier for those hunting for a new house, especially in Colorado, and realizing the monthly cost may have gone up hundreds of dollars in one week. But don’t […]

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What’s Working: Colorado has some of the lowest high gas prices in the U.S.

‘Twas a brutal week for the U.S. economy, especially for those with money to invest (stop checking your stocks already and distract yourself with this Dirty Dancing/Muppets Show mashup instead). In Colorado, the economic news seemed a little more upbeat. The state’s unemployment rate fell to 3.6% in April, the lowest since before the pandemic. […]

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Colorado has recovered 98% of jobs lost in pandemic, as unemployment rate drops to 4.1%

Colorado’s economic recovery is going better than expected state labor officials said Monday, reporting that 98% of jobs lost when COVID struck have returned.  However, January’s 4.1% unemployment rate, the lowest since the pandemic began, is still higher than the 2.8% in February 2020, the month before the first COVID-19 cases in Colorado were confirmed. […]

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What’s Working: Colorado was tied for nation’s 4th highest rate of job quitters in September

A lot of things changed in Colorado’s labor market in September. Pandemic unemployment ended, which cut off benefits for 107,000 unemployed workers. Some of the first vaccine mandates took effect. And Colorado went from the state with the nation’s highest rate of layoffs and job separations to the 18th highest. The drop in September was […]

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What’s Working: Colorado’s job recovery rate is the nation’s 10th fastest. So why is our jobless rate the 15th highest?

Colorado has come a long way since the start of the pandemic when, as with every state, the unemployment rate increased. The state’s rate jumped to 12.1% in April 2020, from 2.8% before the pandemic.  The state’s jobless rate dropped to 5.4% in October, from September’s 5.6%. That, plus a bunch of other economic data, […]