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Colorado reopens its unemployment system after long-awaited computer upgrade. Nearly 30,000 request payments.

Nearly 30,000 out-of-work Coloradans requested an unemployment payment on the state’s upgraded computer system by Sunday evening after a long-awaited technology update was completed. UPDATE, Jan. 11, 2021 at 12:30 p.m.: Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment announced Monday at noon that more than 100,000 people had accessed the system with more than 43,000 completing […]

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Colorado’s unemployment system slammed after email about jobless benefits is erroneously sent to many who are ineligible

Thousands of unemployed Coloradans flooded the state’s unemployment site on Sunday, just doing what they had been instructed to do: Request payment on Jan. 3. But many found themselves stymied by a system that would not let them log in or by a note telling them they weren’t allowed to request a payment. And by […]

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Here’s what Congress’ $900 billion coronavirus relief bill will mean for Coloradans

Congressional leaders have hashed out a massive, year-end catchall bill that combines $900 billion in COVID-19 aid with a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill and reams of other unfinished legislation on taxes, energy, education and health care. The huge, still-unreleased bill is slated for votes on Monday — with lawmakers having only a few hours […]

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Colorado won’t try to collect the $1.4 million in overpaid unemployment benefits it distributed after all

About 9,000 Coloradans who were overpaid more than $1 million in unemployment benefits and told to pay it back may not have to after all, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment officials said on Thursday.  Confusing forms for gig workers and the self-employed had many applicants overstating their earnings, which were supposed to be based […]

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Unemployed and nearly homeless, jobless Coloradans whose benefits are on hold are crying for help

Jennifer Milton is one of the 7,800 Coloradans wondering what happened to her weekly unemployment check. She hasn’t received a penny since July 21. The thing is, she just can’t seem to get an answer. There’s no evidence that her account was flagged as fraudulent and caught in the ongoing investigation by state and federal […]

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Some unemployed Coloradans will see Trump’s extra $300 a week benefit starting in mid September. But it won’t last.

Colorado will pay jobless workers an extra $300 per week starting in mid-September after federal officials approved the state’s request for more unemployment aid. But if you’re just now filing for unemployment, you’re too late.  The federal Lost Wages Assistance program provided enough funding to last just three weeks, so the state will first pay […]