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Denver lands CARNE y ARENA, a powerful immersive, virtual reality experience about refugees

An immersive virtual reality experience in the time of COVID? You are right to be skeptical. First, know that this groundbreaking virtual reality experience is safer than a trip to the grocery store, in terms of germs, and healthier than breathing Colorado’s ash-filled air, in terms of raging wildfires. No crowds. Appropriate preventive measures. Clean […]

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David Byrne is building a neuroscience-powered hall of mirrors somewhere in Denver

Talking Heads’ frontman David Byrne has been interested in the intersection of art and science for years. When he’s not debuting a Broadway show, launching an online magazine or creating a show about Joan of Arc or Imelda Marcos, he’s exploring how neuroscience plays with our perceptions. “Theater of the Mind,” to have its world […]

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An intimate improv rendezvous with an actor? A new Denver interactive performance draws you out — if you let it

Depending how far into it you let yourself fall, the Denver Center’s Off-Center production “Between Us” can be quite disorienting. If you are curious, I suggest falling all the way. Buy a ticket, await a text from your “guide” or your “date” or your “bartender” telling you when and where in downtown Denver to meet. […]