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housing crisis

housing crisis
housing crisis

Survey of Colorado’s high-country residents a “wake-up call” on the devastating implications of the affordable housing crisis

The consequences of workers and permanent residents being priced out include mountain communities being forced to rethink their relationship to the tourism economy.


Colorado Mountain College to spend $40M to build housing for students getting priced out of mountain towns

Housing accounts for most of the cost of a CMC degree, so 40 units each are planned for campuses in Breckenridge, Edwards, Spring Valley and Steamboat Springs.


How emergency declarations in Colorado’s high country housing crisis smooth the path to more homes for locals

A "disaster" resolution over housing in Crested Butte enables the town to bypass codes, buy a hotel, remove limits on downtown camping and curtail short-term rentals. More communities are planning similar declarations as high country housing crisis reaches a crescendo.


Crested Butte purchases hotel for seasonal workers as it declares housing an emergency

Rooms in the $2.3 million Ruby Bed & Breakfast will be available to six seasonal employees in both the public and private sector.


Thousands of Coloradans struggling to pay rent asked the state for help. $6.5 million later, phones are still ringing.

Nine months into the pandemic, Colorado’s housing assistance office spent $1 million to hire an out-of-state contractor to process applications for rent and mortgage help. The cost has grown as HORNE added 100 workers, of which slightly more than half live outside of Colorado.


Developers working on affordable housing in Colorado’s mountains offer suggestions for pending wave of funding

High country homebuilders, housing advocates, businesses and leaders are preparing for an unprecedented flow of state and federal housing support as the affordability crisis worsens.


Colorado renters and landlords are in a race with the eviction ban. Should the state intervene?

At least 80,000 Colorado renters are estimated to be behind on their rent, according to recent U.S. Census survey data. And the CDC ban on evictions is set to expire on June 30, if President Joe Biden does not extend it.


“Bedrooms Are For People,” say Boulder housing activists working to reimagine occupancy limits

The proposed ballot measure would set the number of people allowed to live in a residence based on the number of bedrooms plus one.


Here are some of the radical ideas to help alleviate Colorado’s high-country housing crisis

In Crested Butte, workers ponder a midsummer strike while Frisco leaders weigh a first-ever emergency declaration as the lack of affordable housing in Colorado communities threatens communities.


Modular housing is getting a second look as Colorado confronts a lack of affordable homes

New Fading West home-building factory in Buena Vista can deliver two houses a day and is drawing interest from communities around the state.


Extended-stay motels quietly fill the gaps in Gunnison’s chronic housing shortage

Gunnison County is in the midst of a housing crisis, years in the making and intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic fallout.


Coloradans are worried about affordable housing and want the government to do something about it, poll shows

Fifty-seven percent of registered voters consider finding affordable housing a problem and 61% want the government more involved


Opinion: Colorado leaders must enact lasting reform to prevent evictions and promote an equitable recovery

Our housing affordability crisis long preceded COVID-19 but has been illuminated and exacerbated by the pandemic.

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RTD wants more housing near stations. It may sacrifice parking spots to make that happen.

RTD is expected to vote Tuesday on a new transit-oriented development policy that would make 35% of housing units built on its properties affordable.


Federal judge requires week notice before encampment sweeps in Denver

Judge William Martinez ruled Monday that Denver must give a week's notice before clearing out illegal encampments.


Coloradans already struggling to afford housing say coronavirus has made their situation worse

Renters were already spending more of their income on housing than is recommended. Now they are cutting back on food and health care to stay in their homes, a new survey says.


Six months after eviction, a Denver woman wonders if she’ll ever have stable housing again

With winter approaching and COVID-19 cases on the rise, renters in arrears and housing advocates are all grateful for the eviction moratoriums, but say it’s far from enough.


Eviction ban or not, Colorado tenants still worry about their rent while landlords struggle to survive

Federal unemployment benefits helped the jobless pay their bills. But as the pandemic drags on and the aid dries up, renters and their landlords are seeking other solutions.


Opinion: Trump is wrong. Fair housing is social justice, economic justice and welcome in the suburbs

Opinion Columns

Record demand for Colorado resort homes is further pinching affordable housing for locals

As more urbanites flee to Colorado’s high country, home prices rise, inventories fall and rents soar. And that spells trouble for locals looking for homes near their ski-town jobs.

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