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Park County’s only primary care doctor retired 8 years ago. A replacement still hasn’t been found.

By Dan Boyce, Colorado Public Radio Dr. Katherine Fitting was darting from room to room in the small South Park Health Care facility in Fairplay, giving out doses of the Moderna COVID-19 shot during a recent vaccination drive. This rural area, surrounded by mountain passes difficult to traverse, does not have the facilities to store […]

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Nonprofit launches $1 million TV ad buy against Colorado Democrats’ public health insurance option proposal

A deep-pocketed nonprofit backed by private insurance companies has launched a barrage of advertising aimed at building public opposition to Colorado Democrats’ attempt to create a public health insurance option. Partnership for America’s Health Care Future launched a TV ad buy at a cost of nearly $1 million on Monday that will run through early […]

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“Like an answered prayer”: Colorado educators celebrate receiving coronavirus vaccine after disruptive school year

Jessie Massey once fainted when faced with the idea of getting jabbed with a needle, but on Friday, as the school principal prepared to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, her excitement just about outweighed her nerves. “I think I’m just so grateful to be here and to be part of this with Mapleton that I […]