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Colorado just released a big report on how cannabis legalization is going. Here’s what it found.

More than seven years since Colorado became the first state to allow cannabis to be sold at stores for recreational use, pot arrests are down, marijuana-impaired driving cases are up and school expulsions are both up and down. Those numbers — and a whole lot more — come from a new report released Monday by […]

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“Everyone is being crazy”: Conservative Delta County erupts over an effort to teach sexual education

DELTA — Sex. Couple that with education. Link it to anything other than heterosexual unions. Bring the Bible into it. And, in Delta County, expect a volatile civic tempest. The latest controversy over sex in this conservative Western Slope county has been sparked by a progressive push to add state-recommended comprehensive sex education in the […]

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Bullying is down, stress is up and eight other charts with insights from a new survey of Colorado teens

Colorado high school students are stressed and kind of ambivalent about school, but also largely staying away from drugs and alcohol, according to a new survey from the Colorado Health Department. The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey comes out every two years and is considered the gold standard in tracking the behaviors of youth in the […]