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Colorado’s public health insurance option puts a bull’s-eye on hospital profits. But some rural facilities could make more.

Situated in the small Eastern Plains town of Hugo, the 60-year-old Lincoln Community Hospital is one of the most affordable in Colorado. A study last year found that it currently charges privately insured patients on average only slightly more than the rate that Medicare pays for the same services, giving Lincoln Community the third-lowest prices […]

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5 numbers that explain why Colorado lawmakers want more insight into prescription drug costs

Sometimes the personal crosses over with the political at the state Capitol, and that is what happened toward the end of last year’s session for Rep. Dominique Jackson. Jackson, a Democrat from Aurora, had sponsored a bill she hoped would create more transparency around why prescription drugs cost so much — and why they keep […]

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Opinion: More price controls are the wrong Rx for health care in Colorado

While impeachment dominates the national news cycle, one policy debate lingers just below the surface: how to deal with “surprise medical bills.”  One proposal would use the heavy hand of government to impose price controls on treatments subject to surprise billing. Doctors and providers are adamantly opposed, favoring alternative solutions. Over the summer and fall, millions […]

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Democrats in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race split on Medicare for All, as Bennet warns it’s “one sure way” to lose

It’s a question splitting Democrats on the national stage and in Colorado’s hotly contested U.S. Senate race: Do you support government-run “Medicare for All” health insurance? The answer carries significant political stakes. Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who is running for president and offering an alternative public option proposal, says a Democrat who supports Medicare […]