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Littwin: In Colorado, and at the Jan. 6 hearing in Washington, the Big Lie has a very bad day

In an upset of upsets, they held a Republican primary in Colorado and truth — or some version relatively close to it — actually won the day,  Meaning the Big Lie got crushed. Meaning a solid majority of Colorado Republicans — and those unaffiliated voters who also participated in the GOP primary — must have […]

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Heidi Ganahl beats Greg Lopez in Republican primary for Colorado governor

SEDALIA — Heidi Ganahl won the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Colorado on Tuesday night after fending off a primary opponent who benefited from roughly $1.5 million in spending by Democrats, most of it on TV ads, aimed at preventing Ganahl from advancing to the general election. The Associated Press called the race in Ganahl’s favor […]

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“The most we’ve ever seen”: Colorado primary messaging drives wave of complaints, ethical questions

Mailers, TV ads and other campaign missives are flying in Colorado as the June 28 primary nears, eliciting a wave of campaign finance complaints and raising ethical questions about some of the political maneuvering.  Democrats are behind some of the ads promoting more conservative Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, Colorado governor and the 8th Congressional […]

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Colorado Democrats continue to lead their 2022 Republican rivals in campaign cash

Most Republican candidates in Colorado this year are burning through their campaign cash faster than their Democratic rivals, campaign finance reports filed this week show. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat, raked in nearly $2.1 million from April 1 through June 8, while his two GOP competitors brought in a fraction of that. U.S. Rep. […]

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Democratic Governors Association is the prime funder of TV ads boosting profile of Republican Greg Lopez

The Democratic Governors Association is financing a group running TV ads boosting the profile of Greg Lopez, one of two Republican candidates for governor in Colorado.  The DGA donated $1.5 million to Strong Colorado for All in recent weeks. That state-level super PAC then donated $600,000 to Colorado Information Network, another state-level super PAC that […]

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Nicolais: Could Colorado GOP candidates win in November? Only if they don’t screw it up.

As the June 28th primary approaches, most eyes remain fixed on the Republican side of aisle in Colorado. After nearly a year of campaigning for some candidates, the real question is: can any win in November? The answer is yes. A qualified yes. Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, governor and Secretary of State remain locked […]

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Get to know the Republican candidates for Colorado governor and where they stand on the issues

Greg Lopez and Heidi Ganahl are the two Republican gubernatorial candidates facing off in the June 28 primary for a chance to unseat Democratic Gov. Jared Polis in November.  Colorado voters have elected only one Republican governor in roughly a half century, and whoever wins the primary will face a tough opponent in Polis, a […]

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Democrats fund ads boosting controversial GOP candidates in critical Colorado primaries

Groups linked to Democrats appear to be trying to use pricey television ads and mailers to boost the profiles of three conservative — and controversial — candidates in Colorado running in important Republican primaries this year. The effort seems to be aimed at giving Democrats a leg up in the general election. It’s not the first […]

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Littwin: Primaries are coming up, meaning it’s time to see if Colorado Republicans will rebuke Trump

If you haven’t noticed — and maybe you haven’t because there has been so little TV advertising — Colorado is just weeks away from the critical June 28 primary elections. And I’m here to report that, according to the political gurus I talk to, no one has any real idea what the hell is going […]