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A Colorado icon and father of craft beer steps away. Here are Charlie Papazian’s parting words.

Forty years ago, when Charlie Papazian founded the American Homebrewers Association, the idea of a homebrewer in every neighborhood and a brewery in every town seemed unreal. Now, it’s essentially reality with more than 6,000 breweries in America — thanks, in large part, to Papazian. He founded the homebrewers association in 1978, launched the Great […]

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Great American Beer Festival makes New England IPA an official style — but it can’t end the haze debate

The most coveted medals at this year’s Great American Beer Festival competition are hazy. For the first time, the Brewers Association will award medals at the festival Sept. 22 in downtown Denver for hazy pale ales, hazy IPAs and hazy double IPAs after creating new categories and guidelines for the styles earlier this year. The […]