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Volunteers fan out over Boulder to record time, temp and humidity for scientists tracking climate trends nationwide

Pat Meyers and Deborah Rylander took a drive around Boulder Friday afternoon. Their cruise in a white Audi, with a heat sensor affixed to a window, was part of one of the largest heat-mapping projects in the U.S. The project, which required the help of almost a hundred volunteers, was part of an annual project […]

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Connecting to nature is good for kids – but they may need help coping with a planet in peril

As an environmental psychologist who works to improve young people’s access to nature, I recently completed a review that brings two bodies of research together: one on connecting children and adolescents with nature, and the second on supporting healthy coping when they realize they are part of a planet in peril. My review shows that […]

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Trump administration: Climate change not a threat to rare wolverine found in Colorado

By Matthew Brown, The Associated Press BILLINGS, Mont. — U.S. wildlife officials are withdrawing proposed protections for the snow-loving wolverine after determining the rare and elusive predator is not as threatened by climate change as once thought. Details on the decision were obtained by The Associated Press in advance of an announcement Thursday. A federal […]

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The largest Arctic science expedition in history finds itself on increasingly thin ice because of coronavirus

In March 2019, at a crowded happy hour in Boulder, I sat listening to Matt Shupe, an atmospheric scientist, describing his decades-long dream that was about to come true.  He was sprinting to finish the years of planning and preparations required to freeze an icebreaker into the Arctic Ocean ice as close to the North […]

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Mountain athletes push progress over perfection in climate fight

Caroline Gleich remembers a decade ago when advocating for climate policy became an essential part of her career as a professional ski mountaineer. As she reported the impacts of climate change from far-flung corners she explored for her work, she was besieged.  “Told to shut up, called a glacier killer, a hypocritical ecoterrorist, a polluter. […]

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Andrew Romanoff goes apocalyptic on climate change. But will fear drive support for his U.S. Senate bid?

In the first video for his U.S. Senate campaign, Democrat Andrew Romanoff declares a climate apocalypse is near. The bleak, 4-minute miniature movie starts “in the not so distant future” focused on a family in Colorado Springs hiding inside a foil-lined bunker from 127-degree heat and poor air quality outdoors. “Mommy says baby brother will […]

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What will make you believe in global warming? How about a life-altering flood, study asks

After overflowing rivers swept away homes, tossed cars downstream and left entire neighborhoods swamped with mud, researchers had a question for the survivors of the epic Colorado floods of 2013. Do you believe in climate change now? Those researchers — from the University of Colorado Denver and Duke University — expected to find that the […]