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Opinion: The freedom of work independence, the security of employment benefits

The pandemic has been an unexpected boon for workers. After an initial surge in unemployment, the economy has recovered and now, with a red-hot labor market, workers are figuring out how to demand more from their companies. In some cases, this is taking the form of direct confrontation, like the battle between Amazon and its […]

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Opinion: An Uber driver says gig workers should not have to compromise flexibility for benefits

The pandemic has created a scary time and has made app-based workers driving and delivering goods an essential service. It also urgently exposed that more can be done to help independent workers — it’s time to extend new protections and benefits.  Colorado drivers, like me, would benefit greatly from legislation that would guarantee drivers more […]

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Opinion: Why Coloradans should be skeptical about gig companies’ promises

In December, Uber’s CEO asked the governors of all 50 states to give the ride-hailing company’s workers priority for the coronavirus vaccine. The company sent a similar letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  It’s a profoundly cynical move. Uber and friends just spent over $200 million on California’s Proposition 22, a successful […]

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Colorado won’t try to collect the $1.4 million in overpaid unemployment benefits it distributed after all

About 9,000 Coloradans who were overpaid more than $1 million in unemployment benefits and told to pay it back may not have to after all, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment officials said on Thursday.  Confusing forms for gig workers and the self-employed had many applicants overstating their earnings, which were supposed to be based […]