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All inmates at Aurora immigration detention facility will be tested for coronavirus

By Ben Fox, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Wednesday that it has expanded COVID-19 testing among people held at its detention facilities following criticism of its response to the outbreak. ICE says it now offers voluntary tests for the virus to all people held at detention facilities in Tacoma, […]

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Opinion: Eliminate private prisons. Profit has no place in the criminal justice system.

Private companies are profiting off the imprisonment of almost four thousand Coloradans.  Approximately 20% of our state prison population is held in private prisons. These facilities are owned by large, for-profit corporations.  Allowing profit into the criminal justice system undermines the integrity, effectiveness, and perception of our justice system. We would never tolerate profit incentives […]

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Asylum-seekers find compassion, resources at “House of Peace” once released from Aurora immigration center

Gurwinder Singh Aujla was unsure of what to do after winning his asylum case and being released from the privately owned Federal ICE Processing Center in Aurora. The 19-year-old from India was legally allowed to reside in the U.S., but he knew no one in Colorado, had little money, no phone and nowhere to go.  […]

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Aurora police investigating U.S. flag’s removal during protest at immigration detention facility

Police say they will be reviewing any available video to help them identity protesters who trespassed and pulled down the American flag in front of an immigration detention center in suburban Denver, tried to burn it and replaced it with a Mexican flag. in front of an immigration detention center in suburban Denver, tried to […]

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Homeland Security watchdog slams conditions at ICE detention facilities, including one in Aurora

By Collen Long, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department’s internal watchdog says rotting food, moldy and dilapidated bathrooms and agency practices at immigration detention facilities may violate detainees’ rights. The Office of Inspector General made unannounced visits to four facilities in California, Louisiana, Colorado and New Jersey between May and November of last year, […]