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Silverman: Pay attention when authoritarians target journalists, here and abroad.

In your pursuit of truth, follow independent media. Pay attention when journalists leave a country. Perhaps you should follow.  If a government criminalizes the presentation of facts, or arguments based on evidence, then the fix is in. Such societies cannot succeed. March entered like a big, mean bear in Moscow. Russia’s last objective television and […]

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Where’s the line between political speech and credible threats? A Colorado bill is asking the question.

Kyle Mullica opens his email and finds one he received last year after introducing a bill at the state Capitol. The expletive-laden missive ends with this message: “The world would be better if your home burned down with you and your family in it.” The first-term state representative scrolls to find another message. This one […]

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Appeals court dismisses Colorado lawsuit affecting free speech rights filed by energy firm against activist

A state appeals court has dismissed a libel suit filed by a Texas energy firm against a Colorado environmental activist, finding that the lawsuit sought to stifle the activist’s freedom of speech. The ruling in favor of Delta County activist Pete Kolbenschlag came in a case that helped lead to the enactment of a new […]

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Polis signs bills aimed at protecting free speech rights, educating Colorado students about media

Gov. Jared Polis on Monday signed a law to protect citizens and news outlets from lawsuits that seek to curb their free speech rights. Colorado joins nearly 30 states that have adopted measures to curb what are called strategic lawsuits against public participation. Witnesses testified during the legislative session about how they’d been sued for […]