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Faith Winter

Faith Winter
Faith Winter

How programs across Colorado aim to end “period poverty” with free tampons and pads

People who menstruate sometimes find themselves choosing between buying food and paying for hygiene products. Schools and charities are trying to change that equation.


Despite partisan rhetoric at the Colorado Capitol, just 4.4% of bills this year passed along purely party lines

The analysis, the second such study conducted by The Colorado Sun in three years, once again indicates more bipartisanship in the Colorado General Assembly than might be expected

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Democrats pursued a no-policy-left-behind mantra for Colorado’s 2021 legislative session

Much of Democrats’ policy agenda was heavily amended, but it passed with very limited exceptions. “I think we’ve hit our stride,” said Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, a Boulder Democrat.

Politics and Government

Littwin: Jared Polis may be big on emission-reduction goals, but just don’t let regulators try to enforce them

The governor’s threat to veto legislation that would have mandated, not merely suggested, Polis-supported goals shows once again that when he and progressive legislators square off, Polis prevails.

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How much damage does climate change cause in Colorado? Leaders are trying to put a price tag on it.

There are growing efforts -- in Washington and at the Colorado statehouse -- are trying to determine the social cost of carbon so they can put a price on greenhouse gases for the economic damage they wreak


Colorado could hand out up to $149 million in disputed conservation easement tax credits

State lawmakers want to end a decades-long dispute over lucrative conservation set-asides the state dubbed fraudulent. Some assessors call the settlement itself bogus.

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REPLAY: The Colorado Sun hosts a discussion on the state’s transportation-funding future

You can watch the event live on our Facebook page or register to participate on Zoom


Effort to force Colorado to cut greenhouse emissions faster exposes exasperation with Polis administration

“I am highly frustrated where we are now,” Sen. Kerry Donovan, a Vail Democrat, said.


Colorado Democrats want to accelerate the governor’s emissions reduction roadmap. Polis says he’s not on board.

Climate goals and deadlines to reach them would be set in state law under Senate Bill 200. Some of the work would be funded by charging polluters a fee for each ton of carbon dioxide they release.


Opinion: Colorado should take the lead on protections for private student loan borrowers

A bill in the state legislature would establish basic protections for borrowers and create increased accountability for predatory lenders.

Opinion Columns

Colorado lawmakers demand counties comply with coronavirus restrictions to access relief money

A bill offering $37 million in direct aid to needy businesses would cut out places -- like Weld County -- that refuse to adhere to state COVID-19 mandates

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Colorado Democrats unveil details of their coronavirus relief plans for the special legislative session

Democrats, who are in the majority, are prioritizing eight bills for the lawmaking term that begins Monday. The aid totals about $200 million, with an additional $100 million to help Colorado's public health response.

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Colorado voters approve creation of paid family leave program

Workers start paying into the statewide pool in 2023 and could apply for paid time off in 2024.

Election 2020

Proposition 118 explained: Paid-leave measure would give Colorado workers time off but cost big money

Critics say the initiative is a new payroll tax on already struggling businesses. Supporters say it will help small businesses compete.

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Colorado voters may face as many as 11 major questions on November ballot as initiative deadline arrives

Four questions are pending approval from the Colorado Secretary of State's Office, including a measure to create paid family and medical leave program and a state income tax cut

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10 major issues being decided in the final hours of Colorado’s 2020 legislative session

State lawmakers have been busy in the final days of an odd, abbreviated lawmaking term. Here are the big-ticket items that you’ll want to know about.

Politics and Government

Coronavirus has underscored the need for paid sick time in Colorado. And the potential huge costs.

Democrats say a paid family leave bill is one bucket-list item they won't drop from their agenda when they return to the Capitol next month.

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What the Colorado campaign trail looks like in the age of coronavirus, and what it means for the election

Even as the global pandemic puts politics on the sideburner, it is generating questions about how to run a campaign respectfully amid a disaster and generate enthusiasm with voters more concerned with their livelihood and health

Politics and Government

Colorado renters may have eviction records even though they’ve never been evicted. Lawmakers want to change that.

The push in Colorado comes after a handful of laws passed last session focused on addressing affordable housing, homelessness and renter’s rights.

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Out of 100 Colorado lawmakers, only 7 are Republican women. The state GOP wants to reverse the trend.

The Colorado GOP is launching an effort called Women in Action to court voters ahead of the 2020 election

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