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Opinion: It’s time to recommit to controlling methane emissions to combat climate change

Coloradans have been at the forefront of curbing methane waste and pollution from oil and gas operations and their impact on public health and climate change. So it should come as no surprise the Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper and Rep. Diana DeGette are playing lead roles in advancing federal methane policy. Methane, a […]

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Four Colorado cities win $2 million in EPA grants to redevelop old sites, from a movie theater to a beet factory

 The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday handed $2 million in Brownfields assessment and cleanup grants to four far-flung Colorado communities, helping to pay for development of everything from an old sugar beet factory in Loveland to an aging movie theater in Trinidad.  Brownfields has been doling out billions of dollars for such evaluations and cleanups […]

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Colorado air pollution control managers ordered staff to falsify data and approve permits “at all costs,” whistleblowers say

State air pollution control managers endangered the health of Coloradans by unlawfully approving noxious gas permits for industry without federally mandated modeling or monitoring, according to a whistleblowing complaint filed Tuesday by technical employees inside the agency.  Three state employees claim in a complaint to the U.S. EPA Office of Inspector General that their leaders […]

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Councilwoman Ortega, Sen. Moreno: “Building back better” means an opportunity for environmental justice for all communities

It is no secret that people who live in the Denver metro area are exposed to air pollution daily and frequently at hazardous levels. We breathe in pollution from power plants, industry, oil and gas facilities, from cars, trucks and buses, and wildfires as well as out-of-state. Emissions from these facilities also lead to the […]

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Colorado air quality regulators update plan to lower ozone levels and align with EPA standards

Colorado’s air quality regulators on Friday adopted a new plan to combat Front Range ozone pollution that will tighten emissions from oil wells, boilers and automobiles, and may even change the way paint dries. The new plan is necessary as the federal Environmental Protection Agency is set next year to drop the region’s ozone status […]

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Opinion: Why cutting EPA red tape is crucial to Colorado’s future

To live and work in Colorado is to understand the importance of major transportation projects. Whether it’s expanding capacity on our existing interstate and state highways, unclogging vital surface roadways or repairing bridges, Colorado citizens and businesses can’t afford long delays that cost us more time and money. That is why I was thrilled to […]

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Opinion: Colorado needs statewide rules to reduce oil and gas emissions

My county, and several others on Colorado’s Front Range, have a distinguishing characteristic that is a continual thorn in our side, especially to me as a local elected official responsible for the well-being of my constituents. Our community in the Denver Metro/North Front Range area is known for its high ozone levels, which the Environmental […]

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Many hoped the Gold King Mine spill would bring change. Five years later, they’re still waiting.

It didn’t take long after the sludge settled five years ago for the calls for change to begin.  In fact, 3 million gallons of orange-gold water that poured out of the Gold King Mine on Aug. 5, 2015, was still flowing through the Colorado River watershed when discussions about the broader issue of thousands of […]