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What in the piping plover? New website sheds light on Colorado’s 350 most sensitive species.

How are scientists working to protect the toothless, federally endangered Colorado pikeminnow? Which species is most at risk from the state’s energy production and mining? What’s a piping plover? The answers can be found on Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s new species conservation dashboard, which lists more than 350 sensitive species that call Colorado home and […]

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A Colorado family tried to save their cattle ranch by betting big on rare birds. It’s paying off.

LAMAR — The day that Dallas May started to feel his family ranch’s fortunes solidify, after more than 40 years of raising cattle, was the day he got in his pickup to chase what appeared to be two poachers carrying weapons the size of rocket launchers.  It turned out they were international bird experts from […]

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Colorado releases more endangered ferrets into prairie dog holes and hopes for the best

LAMAR — Somewhere between the comforts of a plastic tote outfitted with clean, shredded paper and a bloody quarter of a prairie dog for snacks, and the yawning dark hole he was being tipped into as hawks circled above, North America’s rarest mammal had the genetic weight of the world on its furry shoulders.  Black-footed […]

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Opinion: Colorado needs strong Oil and Gas Commission wildlife rules

Senate Bill SB19-181 requires the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to protect wildlife and biological resources when permitting oil and gas operations. The COGCC recently proposed draft rules to address this requirement.  While we appreciate the effort that has gone into generating these rules, we feel that they need to be strengthened to adequately […]