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COVID-related labor laws, from vaccine mandates to paid leave, have Colorado employers confused

As another COVID year comes to a close, there’s confusion among employers who are balancing vaccine requirements with labor shortages and trying to keep up with changes to national, state and local labor laws. Some government mandates are facing challenges in court, but other COVID-related policies, like paid sick leave, will continue into 2022. Providing […]

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Only 6% of calls to Colorado’s unemployment line are getting answered. But changes are on the horizon.

After weeks of random and unsuccessful calls to the state’s unemployment phone number, Jamie Scappaticci set aside Tuesday to connect with any living soul who’d answer the unemployment help line at 800-388-5515. The first-time filer had mistakenly let her benefits lapse in mid-April because she didn’t realize those on unemployment must request a payment every […]

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Colorado’s unemployment fund could run out of money next month. Here’s what that means for businesses.

By the time Colorado does its annual June checkup of the special fund used to pay unemployed workers, the account will likely be empty, and possibly in the red.  Out-of-work Coloradans should be OK, though. They’ll still get unemployment pay because the state, as it’s done in the past, will borrow money from the federal […]

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Colorado’s hospitality industry hardest hit by coronavirus unemployment, with claims up 600% in a week

Three weeks after Colorado’s first government-mandated shutdowns occurred, the state labor department continues to see no end to job losses blamed on the new coronavirus. And to little surprise, the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry were hit the hardest early on. While the numbers are still coming in for this week — some 40,000 unemployment […]