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Vail Resorts promises $175 million more for employees, bumps starting pay to $20 an hour

Vail Resorts will spend $175 million more a year on employees, increasing pay by more than 30% after a grueling season that saw North America’s largest resort operator vilified as it struggled to open chairs and handle crowds.  Kirsten Lynch celebrated her 100th day as CEO of Vail Resorts this week, marking what was likely […]

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PERA’s investments generated billions in 2020. But the Colorado pension’s financial condition worsened.

It was another frustrating year for Colorado’s 631,000 public pension members. Despite a banner stock market year that saw Colorado’s Public Employees’ Retirement Association generate 17.4% returns on its investments — more than double its target — the state’s public pension still ended 2020 in worse financial shape than it started. PERA’s unfunded debt to […]

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Keep your workers, the loan is forgiven: How Colorado banks are coordinating a massive coronavirus lifeline

As coronavirus cases in Colorado’s mountain communities reached 50, Karen Hoskin made the difficult decision to temporarily close the tasting room of Montanya Distillers. She gave the affected workers two weeks pay and hoped to reassess soon.  That was more than two weeks ago.  Hoskin, who founded the Crested Butte rum maker in 2008, is […]

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A plea by Colorado tech firms for a faster response to coronavirus goes national

Just after Colorado identified its first case of coronavirus 12 days ago, Denver companies Ibotta and Guild Education were telling employees to work from home.  As more cases were identified locally, a growing group of technology executives began maneuvering behind the scenes. They were concerned that efforts to prevent COVID-19’s spread to vulnerable communities wasn’t […]

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With Jared Polis’ blessing, Colorado lawmakers will try again to let state employees collectively bargain

Colorado lawmakers will try again to pass legislation to allow the state’s roughly 30,000 employees to collectively bargain after years of falling short.  The big difference in 2020? The effort has Gov. Jared Polis’ blessing. Polis and Democratic lawmakers rolled out their plans at a news conference on Friday at the Capitol, flanked by state […]

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More Colorado workers will get breaks, must make $42,500 salary to be exempt from overtime under draft policy

More low-wage workers will be covered by the Colorado laws governing overtime pay and breaks under a draft policy change released Monday afternoon, which also would dramatically raise the salary threshold at which employers no longer have to pay their employees overtime. The draft represents a major win for Colorado labor groups, who have long […]