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What’s Working: Colorado Springs is offering new and expanding businesses $5,000 per employee they hire

Consumers are spending less, productivity is dropping and there are still a ton of job openings. Is that why a recession may be coming?  But first, let’s get to business. Colorado continues to invest in attracting startups and small businesses, if you recall last week’s dive into the state’s own venture capital agency. This week, […]

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Old practices, new frontiers: The revival of a shuttered drive-in starts a bold experiment in southern Colorado

CENTER — The robot dangling from a rickety tower of lumber squirts out potato-shaped globs of mud. In a matter of hours, rings of globs are piled head high, creating an adobe hut.  “This is sort of another experiment for us,” architect Luke Falcone says.  Falcone’s family is testing a new vision in Center at […]

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Corporate incentives used to draw companies to Colorado back at pre-pandemic levels

As some businesses cratered during the pandemic, others not only thrived, they expanded — and moved to Colorado.  That included vertical-landing aircraft maker PteroDynamics, which touched down in Colorado Springs in late July. Months earlier, the California firm was finalizing a contract for its autonomous aircraft with the U.S. Navy. The deal made CEO Matthew […]

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Opinion: Colorado Ag can play a big role in aviation biofuels

As people who make their living off the land, Colorado’s farmers and ranchers are on the front lines of climate impacts and climate solutions. The majority of farms and ranches in Colorado have been in production for several generations. This gives agriculture producers a keen insight into the importance of protecting and stewarding our state’s […]

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Colorado businesses relied on sidewalk extensions to make a profit during COVID. They may be here to stay.

DURANGO — From their office overlooking Durango’s main drag, marketer Maggie Kavan and architect Michael Carrier watched in the spring of 2020 as the pandemic closed businesses and emptied out downtown. And they saw how restaurants responded by erecting a hodgepodge of outdoor seating areas, some of which seemed unsafe or created a messy look.  […]

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What’s Working: There are more job openings than Coloradans on unemployment. Matchmaking isn’t easy.

The pandemic has created an out-of-balance workforce, and there could be more big changes next month. On one hand, somewhere around 100,000 Coloradans will stop receiving weekly unemployment checks after Sept. 4, when federal pandemic benefits end. On the other, thousands of employers are trying to fill 126,773 jobs, the state’s official job board showed […]