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Reps. Bacon and Mullica: Ban flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes

As parents, educators, and health care providers, we are personally invested in the issue of flavored tobacco, including e-cigarettes. We have seen the harm caused by vaping addiction in kids, at home, in the classroom, and in our medical facilities. Nicotine can have long-lasting effects on brain development, impacting impulse control, the ability to learn […]

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Opinion: Denver must end the sale of flavored tobacco products that lure and addict youth

Colorado prides itself on being a state of health-conscious outdoor enthusiasts with low obesity rates and access to quality medical care. Our largest city, Denver, is consistently ranked in the top 10 healthiest cities in the United States.  But looming behind that facade is a deadly secret: Nearly one out of five Denver youth are […]

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Colorado attorney general sues Juul, claims vape company marketed to kids and downplayed health risks

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser said Tuesday he has filed a lawsuit against Juul that alleges the vaping company marketed its products to kids and downplayed their health risks. Weiser is also accusing Juul of falsely suggesting its vaping products are a healthy smoking alternative and can help people quit using cigarettes.  Weiser’s office has […]

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Opinion: Teen vaping cannot be Colorado’s new normal. This is a preventable epidemic

Just when I thought we were making significant strides at preventing teens from smoking traditional tobacco, the tobacco industry invented vaping and Colorado’s teen vaping epidemic ensued. I have had to change my practice, the questions I ask my patients, and the counseling I offer because the tobacco industry has been very successful at getting […]

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Colorado lawmakers will weigh in 2020 whether to ban flavored vaping products

State Rep. Yadira Caraveo plans to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to ban flavored vaping products as a way to curb what officials say are crisis levels of teen e-cigarette use in Colorado. “These flavors are targeted toward children, and really are meant, in my opinion, as a way to addict a new generation […]

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Could a new nicotine tax pay for free preschool in Colorado? Advocates want to ask voters in November.

Colorado voters could decide this November whether to fund free preschool for 4-year-olds statewide by taxing tobacco and vaping products.  On Friday, two citizens took the first step toward putting the question on November’s ballot, filing more than a dozen possible versions with the state’s Office of Legislative Council, which reviews potential initiatives before sending […]

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Colorado communities do what state lawmakers wouldn’t: Raise taxes on cigarettes, vaping products

A cluster of health-conscious communities, mostly in the Colorado mountains, passed measures Tuesday that took aim at the youth vaping epidemic.  Eight cities and counties asked voters to increase taxes on tobacco, including electronic cigarettes and vaping products. And the proposed taxes were hefty — $3 to $4 per pack of cigarettes and 40% on […]

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Colorado’s attorney general will investigate whether Juul marketed to kids, misled on smoking cessation

Colorado’s attorney general says he will investigate whether Juul marketed e-cigarettes to children and positioned its products as smoking cessation devices without any basis for the claim. Democrat Phil Weiser announced in August, as first reported by Colorado Public Radio, that he was launching a probe of Juul. He said the investigation falls under his […]

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Opinion: Placing vape devices under Clean Indoor Air Act will help public health. But more must be done.

Sitting in a lecture hall at the University of Colorado at Boulder, diligently typing notes about sociological theories, I suddenly got distracted by a cloud billowing up in front of me. My initial thought was pure panic — FIRE! — until the smoke wafted in my direction and I breathed in the unmistakable scent of…tropical […]