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Federal government, Colorado and mining company reach $90 million settlement in Gold King mine spill

The proposed settlement announced Friday would direct $90 million to cleanup at the Bonita Peak Mining District Superfund site in southwest Colorado


Colorado man gets 3 years for killing pro bicyclist in crash

Cordell Schneider was convicted in July of vehicular homicide and was sentenced Friday for the March 4, 2020, crash near Marvel that killed Benjamin Sonntag


“It’s scary”: The housing shortage has reached a crisis point in southwest Colorado

Some residents have resorted to living in cars, and local officials fear middle-income earners will be priced out of the housing market.


Colorado businesses relied on sidewalk extensions to make a profit during COVID. They may be here to stay.

Parklets that became commonplace during the pandemic could become permanent fixtures on revitalized Main Streets across the state.


After years of calls to correct its whitewashed history, Fort Lewis College is owning up to its Indian boarding school past

The origin of Fort Lewis College in Durango is a dark stain on American education and the state of Colorado. The school’s own leaders have said as much.


12 cases, 3 deaths linked to COVID outbreak at Durango car dealership

The outbreak related to the Nissan of Durango dealership include five cases of the highly contagious delta variant


Gold King Mine owner sues federal government over 2015 spill

Todd Hennis claims the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has occupied part of his property near the Gold King Mine but hasn't compensated him for doing so


Jury in southwest Colorado convicts man of killing pro cyclist in crash

Cordell Schneider was found guilty Thursday of vehicular homicide and reckless driving for the March 4, 2020, crash near Marvel that killed 39-year-old Benjamin Sonntag

Crime and Courts

Plague found in fleas collected after death of 10-year-old girl in southwest Colorado

The plague-positive fleas were collected from a prairie dog colony that went "silent" shortly after a 10-year-old girl died of the plague in the area.


Mark Redwine guilty of murder in death of his 13-year-old son

The jury deliberated for about a day before reaching its verdict in the death of Dylan Redwine

Crime and Courts

Watering restrictions work. But only 53% of Colorado cities have them.

Outdoor use accounts for as much as half of all domestic water consumption and cities that tightened the spigot have significantly reduced per-person use. But permanent watering rules are just one conservation tool.


10-year-old girl was killed by plague in southwest Colorado

4-H leaders in La Plata County sent a letter advising that one of the club's members had died of suspected plague. Where the Durango 4th grader contracted the disease is still unknown.


Prosecutors say Colorado father killed son because of compromising photos

Mark Redwine stands trial in the killing of his son Dylan, who disappeared in November 2012 in the Vallecito area near Durango

Crime and Courts

Durango woman killed in rare bear attack has been identified

The La Plata County coroner identified the victim Tuesday as 39-year-old Laney Malavolta


Human remains found in two bears suspected of killing woman near Durango

Wildlife said it's likely the bears would have attacked humans again if they were not euthanized


Opinion: A startup investor on how the Rocky Mountain West’s small towns are well equipped to embrace the future of Main Street

Recent startup successes highlight a region poised to embrace the post-COVID small-town economy.

Opinion Columns

Colorado mountain, resort communities are rebounding — and then some — from coronavirus-scarred 2020

Despite grim projections last spring, many of Colorado’s high-country resort communities saw waves of in-state visitors in the fall and early winter fill local coffers.


For Indigenous rights activists in Colorado, coronavirus brought momentum and pushback

Like its viral predecessors, the novel coronavirus has torn through Indigenous communities with particular vehemence. For many of them, this year has brought new urgency to old protests.


Colorado’s smallest small businesses can now get larger federal coronavirus loans

Many sole proprietors opted for unemployment last year. This time around, even tiny businesses that lost money are eligible for larger Payroll Protection Program loans.


How divided is Silverton? Just ask one of the town’s six administrators who came and went in the past seven years.

The touchy mood among hardy high-altitude souls hemmed in by towering mountain swirls around how — or if — the small-town economy should change.

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