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Littwin: Colorado House Speaker Alec Garnett says he’s retiring from politics when the session ends

Before I reached Colorado House Speaker Alec Garnett the other day, I had been warned that he seemed especially tired and maybe more than a little stressed. That was hardly a surprise. It’s the time of year — the final few weeks of the legislative session — when stress is pretty much universal at the […]

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Opinion: It’s time for our federal and state lawmakers to get serious about fentanyl

As federal prosecutors, we in the U.S. Attorney’s office battle daily with transnational drug dealers who seek to import their poison to Colorado.   Working with our partners at the DEA, the FBI, Homeland Security and local law enforcement, we all too often seize large quantities of heroin, meth and cocaine destined for Colorado’s streets.  […]

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Denver authorities might be instructed to look the other way on magic mushrooms, but they remain illegal

The Denver vote directing police to de-prioritize arresting people for psilocybin mushrooms forges new legal ground because getting caught with even a small amount of psychedelic mushrooms can lead to felony charges. Possession of marijuana was a petty offense — the lowest of all crimes — when Mile High voters decriminalized weed in 2005. And […]