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Welcome back, Denver office friends — or whoever shows up at work on any given day

Before the pandemic, TextUs had an office in downtown Boulder where half of its employees worked, while the rest worked remotely.  And then, well, you know what happened.  Everyone was sent home and traded commutes for virtual Zoom meetings, open work spaces and office buzz for home offices with roommates and pets, lunches out with […]

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Can televised Russian face-slapping save Denver’s sports bars?

When cardboard cutouts filled the stands and the real fans were at home on their couches, Tom Ryan and his team were plotting the rebirth of Denver’s sports bar scene. Banking on corked-up demand, they prepared for this summer’s launch of a new 14,000-square-foot pub in downtown Denver, with high-definition video screens, immersive, room-size video […]

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Four arrested on gun charges after investigation into “suspicious occurrence” at hotel near Coors Field

Four people were arrested on charges related to illegal guns and drugs after Denver police began investigating a “suspicious occurrence” Friday at a hotel near Coors Field. “We have recovered weapons. We have recovered narcotics,” Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said. “This investigation really is just getting started. There’s a lot of questions that we […]

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Downtown Denver’s hotel industry is struggling. Is it because people don’t want to be in the city center?

The Sheraton Denver Downtown hotel, nearing the completion of its $80 million renovation, is operating at about a quarter of its usual capacity. Business in the time of the coronavirus has picked up a bit from the disastrous early months, but even if a vaccine were announced tomorrow, the hotel doesn’t expect to get back […]

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Downtown Denver is starving for people. When will they come back?

In the mid-to-late 1980s, when downtown Denver largely emptied out after 5 p.m., a diminishing influx of workers headed for the outskirts of the city and its burgeoning suburbs for shopping and nightlife amid sprawling new malls. A recession left skyscrapers with a 30% office vacancy rate. A now-defunct federal agency liquidated one office building […]

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Denver’s vacant office space is piling up, but don’t blame coronavirus and work-from-home trends

Facebook’s office in Denver is still empty and, likely, will remain so for months to come as the approximately 100 employees and contractors are allowed to work remotely through the end of the year. But the company doesn’t plan to give up one square inch of its space at 1900 16th St. In fact, Facebook […]