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All-Black team nearly doubles number of Black athletes who’ve summited Everest. Is the next generation watching?

The Full Circle Everest team included Denverite Thomas Moore and Eddie Taylor, a teacher and track coach at Centaurus High School in Lafayette


Doctors are uneasy as Colorado collects providers’ diversity data

Research shows that when patients see health providers who share their cultural background, speak the same language, or mirror their experiences, their health care outcomes improve


What’s Working: Diversity tools to get past Denver’s $45,000 “scrape-by” wage

Plus: Colorado had one of the largest declines in job openings nationwide, but even as the state’s job economy has recovered, we’re not back to normal yet


Opinion: All Coloradans deserve access to trustworthy sources of local news

A growing movement aims to build a more inclusive public square where Coloradans’ information needs are better met, especially in under-represented communities

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First-ever all-Black American expedition up Mount Everest vying for more than the summit

Climbers versed in both mountaineering and expanding participation in outdoor recreation hope their mission to the top of Mount Everest opens doors for people of color.


Tenured professors at Colorado public colleges are predominantly white

Hispanic students now make up about 20% of the state’s universities. But Hispanic professors? Less than 8% of all tenured professors across the state.

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