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When coronavirus life got me down, I found hope by exploring comedy

At the beginning of this pandemic, everywhere I looked there was something to bring me down. These were bleak times. No toilet paper. Each news story scarier than the last. Everyone stuck in the same place day after day. People judging one another’s decisions, when everyone was just trying to make it to the next […]

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On Edge: Colorado’s behavioral health chief opens up about his own severe depression

Some words fail us, and for Robert Werthwein, “depression” is one of them. The 41-year-old director of Colorado’s Behavioral Health Office prefers to say “everything turned to complete shit” when his identical twin, Ryan, died of a brain tumor a week before their 15th birthdays, and that his life pretty much sucked for the decade […]

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Colorado author Jennifer Wortman compiled her short story collection around themes of love

Jennifer Wortman is the author of the story collection, “This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love.” and a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. Her work appears in TriQuarterly, Glimmer Train, Electric Literature, Copper Nickel and elsewhere. She serves as associate fiction editor for Colorado Review and teaches at Lighthouse Writers Workshop. An Ohio native, she […]