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Denver to dismiss 320 curfew charges stemming from George Floyd protests

Denver prosecutors on Wednesday announced they are dismissing 320 cases brought against people accused of violating the city’s curfew during George Floyd protests in recent weeks. The Denver City Attorney’s Office says it is dropping the charges for people who were not accused of additional crimes related to destructive or violent behavior during the demonstrations. […]

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Colorado’s new attorney general wants $4.2 million for organizational makeover as part of big shift from his GOP predecessor

It’s not just lawsuits against the Trump administration. Colorado’s new attorney general, Democrat Phil Weiser, has big plans to remake the office he oversees. And they’re not cheap. He’s seeking $4.2 million more in the next fiscal year than his Republican predecessor’s budget for priority initiatives and pay raises for his lawyers. The new spending […]

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In Denver child welfare cases, the father isn’t “John Doe” anymore. And now more kids facing abuse are in permanent homes.

John Doe is not the father, at least not anymore. An untold number of kids caught up in Denver’s child welfare system have had a father named John Doe, a practice that went on for decades and made it less likely for children to find permanent homes. When the dad is unknown, so is an […]