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Colorado progressives begrudgingly turn toward John Hickenlooper after U.S. Senate primary victory

John Hickenlooper is now the best hope for progressive Democrats to make meaningful change in November’s election on climate change, race and health care. And they’re not too happy about it.  “At this time, the most Hickenlooper will get out of me is my vote in November,” said Tay Anderson, Denver Public School board member […]

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Littwin: In the end, Democratic voters accept the fact that Hick is Hick and somehow that is enough

It was clear who would be the Senate Democratic primary winner on the day that John Hickenlooper began his ill-fated run for president. It was clear to everyone, except Hickenlooper, that he had no chance to win that race, and it was just as clear to everyone, except Hickenlooper, that once he lost, national Democrats […]

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John Hickenlooper claims decisive win despite stumbles in Democratic primary for U.S. Senate

John Hickenlooper escaped with a clear victory in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary in Colorado on Tuesday, defeating rival Andrew Romanoff after national Democrats and a big-money super PAC boosted his beleaguered campaign. The former Colorado governor showed a comfortable advantage in the early returns with 60% of the vote, according to preliminary vote tallies […]

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It’s election day in Colorado. Here’s what to watch in the primary and what you need to know to vote.

This year, the typically ho-hum primary election is no sleeper in Colorado. A high-profile U.S. Senate race exploded with controversy, the streets erupted in demands for racial justice and political change, and nasty internal party rifts roiled down-ballot races. Tuesday’s primary is a microcosm of the huge stakes and heightened tensions of the 2020 election […]

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Once a centrist, Andrew Romanoff’s sharp turn to the left raises questions in U.S. Senate primary

Andrew Romanoff denounces his rival John Hickenlooper in the Democratic U.S. Senate race as an out-of-touch centrist with ties to business interests who is willing to compromise and accept big campaign checks from corporations. But decades ago, when he led a “New Democrat” coalition and served as a moderate leader in the state legislature, the […]

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Opinion: Why this lifelong Democrat sees two problematic U.S. Senate candidates

I am a lifelong Democrat, former U.S. Senate candidate, community activist and non-profit executive. This U.S. Senate race started off with a lot of hope and energy, and sadly it was dwindled down to two remaining candidates.  There has been a surge during these very necessary and powerful Black Lives Matter protests of support for […]

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Oil and gas donors become an issue in Democratic primary, but most of the money is flowing to the GOP

Andrew Romanoff is criticizing his opponent in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary for accepting money from oil and gas executives, but most of the industry’s campaign cash is headed to the Republican incumbent.  John Hickenlooper, the former Colorado governor who worked decades ago as a geologist for an oil and gas company, accepted about $63,000 […]

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Andrew Romanoff is closing the gap after John Hickenlooper’s stumbles, poll indicates

John Hickenlooper’s cavalcade of blunders in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate is giving his rival Andrew Romanoff a fighting chance. Romanoff’s campaign released an internal poll Thursday showing him down ahead of the June 30 election, but significantly shortening the gap on Hickenlooper, the former two-term governor who barely managed to win support from […]

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Hickenlooper makes case for electability as repeated controversies continue to overshadow his campaign

In the final moments of the final televised debate ahead of the June 30 primary, U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper returned to a familiar refrain in making his most forceful argument yet about why he is better than his Democratic rival Andrew Romanoff. “Inside the state of Colorado, I haven’t lost yet. And Andrew hasn’t […]

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EXPLORE: Where Hickenlooper, Romanoff stand on key issues

The two Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate are outlining competing visions ahead of the June 30 party primary. John Hickenlooper, the former Colorado governor and Denver mayor, and Andrew Romanoff, a former state House speaker and mental health advocate, offer voters distinct choices when it comes to how Democrats would govern in Washington. So far, […]