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Colorado’s small, in-person RNC delegation says the event was “spectacular.” But other Republicans feel left behind.

The Colorado delegates chosen to attend the Republican National Convention in person say catching coronavirus while in North Carolina wasn’t a concern, and some who had to stay home say they wish the national party had held a full, normal event. Colorado sent six representatives to join the 336 delegates who gathered at the start […]

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Opinion: Joe Biden and the Democrats bet that empathy is a winning approach

Party nominating conventions tend to move in multiple directions at once — trying to shore up their base, reach out to undecided voters, sell the top-ticket nominees while promoting up-and-comers, etc. This year’s Democratic National Convention, despite its unusual circumstances and format, was no exception. But perhaps more so than other modern conventions, this one […]

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Colorado’s Polly Baca reflects on her 15th Democratic convention and the national party’s future

The Democratic National Convention this year is unlike any other in its virtual format amid the coronavirus pandemic. The one constant: Colorado’s Polly Baca. The 79-year-old delegate from Greeley is participating in her 15th national party convention. Her first came in 1964 when — at age 23 — she attended as a youth supporter for […]

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Colorado delegates hope virtual Democratic convention can still unite party behind Joe Biden

Colorado formally cast its votes for the Democratic candidate for president at the virtual national convention Tuesday, putting its support behind former Vice President Joe Biden. The Demoratic Party nominee lost the state’s first-ever Super Tuesday primary to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders but picked up delegates from his former rivals. Not all were willing to […]

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Colorado Democratic primary delegate count: A look at who won the state’s 67 delegates

The delegate math in Colorado continues to evolve after the exit of Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday and new voting numbers in the Democratic primary, but Bernie Sanders still claims the largest share. MORE: Bernie Sanders wins Colorado’s Democratic presidential primary, but late ballot surge may tighten race The latest projections from The Colorado Sun — […]

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How Colorado will award Democratic delegates from the Super Tuesday primary, explained

Colorado will award two prizes from the Democratic presidential primary on Super Tuesday, and it’s possible that two different candidates could claim victory as the field narrows. The potential for a split jackpot is shaping how the White House hopefuls are strategizing ahead of the state’s first mail-ballot presidential primary Tuesday. And even though both […]