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Littwin: All it took was hours of dysfunction for the DougCo school board to fire a superintendent 

In a bizarre and potentially devastating Douglas County emergency school board meeting Friday night, the newly elected 4-3 conservative majority did exactly as expected.  The DougCo Four voted to fire Superintendent Corey Wise. They made the move over the loud objections of teachers, staff, many parents and, of course, the holdover three school board members. […]

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Littwin: As culture wars rage around us, Jared Polis gets married without so much as a stir

As you may have noticed, the culture wars in America have heated up again, and, in some cases, the pressure points are so stressed that you worry something might well explode. That’s why I wanted to mention the recent marriage of Jared Polis, the nation’s first elected openly gay governor, to his longtime companion, Marlon […]