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Huerfano County rejects Florida investors’ plan for long-dormant Cuchara ski area

Huerfano County wants a partner to help revive Cuchara Mountain Park, but it won’t be a pair of Florida investors proposing an adventure park for the ski area where lifts have not turned since 2000. The Huerfano County commissioners on Tuesday ended negotiations with Moss Adventures, led by Jeff Moss and Shayne Young.  “There were […]

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A new plan — again — for Colorado’s Cuchara Mountain. But this time it’s not about skiing and condos.

CUCHARA — Mike Moore was in the galley kitchen of his bed-and-breakfast last summer preparing eggs for his guests in this southern Colorado village, when he overheard a pair of visitors discussing their plans to develop a headquarters for their nascent adventure company. The two, Jeff Moss and Shayne Young, were in town to look […]

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A southern Colorado town is dreaming of a revived ski hill in the wake of Texas investors’ big busts

The deep-pocketed Texans who spent decades dreaming big and losing millions as they struggled to develop a ski resort above southern Colorado’s Cucharas River Valley are long gone. The runs are weedy and lift towers rusty.  But nearly a decade after the last Texan decamped, a band of locals have carved a modest plan to […]