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Littwin: Will Smith should have taken his cue on how to handle anger from Cory Booker

I have an idea for a little thought experiment. Imagine, just for a moment or two, that Oscar-winning actor Will Smith — protector of families and a river to his people — was married to Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. And when Smith took his front row seat to watch her Senate confirmation hearings, […]

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Debate takeaways: Democratic divisions intensify, with Colorado’s Michael Bennet in the middle of it

By Sara Burnett, Brian Slodysko and Hunter Woodall DETROIT — From the beginning, Joe Biden knew he would take heat at Wednesday’s presidential debate . He was right — but he was not alone. The evening marked some of the toughest attacks California Sen. Kamala Harris has faced as a candidate. The exchanges were part of a […]

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Who Colorado donors support the most in the 2020 presidential race

There’s at least one category where John Hickenlooper leads the vast Democratic field of presidential contenders. That’s in campaign cash from Coloradans. The former Colorado governor raised $1.5 million from fellow Centennial State residents, topping even President Donald Trump, who raised $1.1 million in the state between January 2017 and June 30. In all, about […]

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Colorado’s Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper set to share presidential debate stage

Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and former Gov. John Hickenlooper are slated to share a presidential debate stage later this month as 20 Democrats vying to lead the nation face off for the first time. Bennet and Hickenlooper were randomly selected to appear in the second of two, two-hour-long debates in Miami on June 26 […]

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Democrats in the mix for a 2020 presidential run — Michael Bennet among them — are already eyeing Iowa staff

By Thomas Beaumont,  The Associated Press DES MOINES, Iowa — Andrew Turner was driving Iowa’s Democratic candidate for state auditor back to Des Moines last month when a potential presidential contender called to make an introduction. It was one of many such overtures the 23-year-old has fielded. “I’m hearing from them,” said Turner, who managed […]