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Opinion: End private prisons in Colorado

Allowing profit into the criminal justice system undermines its integrity, effectiveness, and the public trust. We would never tolerate profit incentives for judges, public defenders, or prosecutors; we should not do so for prisons. Two private, for-profit prisons in Colorado hold roughly 18% of our state’s prison population. These facilities are owned by CoreCivic, a […]

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A lot more drugs are being confiscated in Colorado prisons as inmates die from overdoses

Prison staff had no idea what was happening when an inmate suddenly lost consciousness at the Limon Correctional Facility in May. It turned out the man was overdosing from fentanyl that had been snuck into the facility on the Eastern Plains. The drug is an opioid said to be 50 times more potent than heroin […]

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Colorado prisons have strict limits on when they can place inmates in solitary confinement. Jails could be next.

Ryan Partridge had a number of run-ins with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department in 2016. At the time, he suffered from paranoia, delusions and psychosis, and was in and out of jail for minor charges.  While in jail, Ryan Partridge was often placed in a restraint chair or kept in solitary confinement for several days […]

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Gov. Polis said he wanted to close a private prison. GEO Group beat him to it, leaving Colorado scrambling.

After months of saying it wanted to close a private prison in Colorado Springs, the Polis administration got the surprise news on Tuesday that GEO Group will be shuttering the facility on its own, leaving hundreds of inmates and employees in limbo.  GEO announced it will close the Cheyenne Mountain Reentry Center in just 60 […]