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Colorado Hospital Association

Colorado Hospital Association

Coronavirus will add 500,000 people to Colorado’s Medicaid rolls — with major consequences for the health care system

From hospital profits to insurance prices to policy debates, the pandemic has reshaped the debate about health care in Colorado

What you need to know about remdesivir, the experimental coronavirus drug that just arrived in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment began distributing supplies of the drug to hospitals on Wednesday

“It saved us”: A recent infusion of federal funds is helping Colorado’s rural hospitals stay afloat

The funds will help rural facilities keep their doors open amid the coronavirus crisis, but it’s unclear how far the money will stretch

Health-related industries top Colorado lobbying spending so far, and it’s only expected to intensify

The coronavirus legislative hiatus changes the landscape and may shorten the session, but lobbying may still set record

The inside story of the unprecedented airlift delivering coronavirus supplies to rural Colorado hospitals

Donated protective gear, homemade masks and volunteer pilots all contribute to the herculean effort of getting equipment to rural hospitals -- for some, just in the nick of time

Colorado’s efforts to scale up PPE production are being tangled in federal red tape, certification process

Makers of products ranging from snowboards to garments are now producing personal protective equipment in response to the coronavirus. But some say they can’t get their products into the state’s pipeline.

Colorado is banking on telehealth to slow coronavirus. But many rural hospitals lack necessary resources.

Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rules changed on Wednesday, but rural hospitals say they still face significant financial barriers to get the virtual systems in place fast enough to make a difference

As hospitals brace for critical coronavirus patients, Colorado still doesn’t know how many ventilators are in the state

Hospitals say they could soon see hundreds of patients with COVID-19 and official state numbers -- hobbled by limited testing -- don’t reflect the full tally. State health officials say it could be days before they have a ventilator count.

Colorado’s public health insurance option puts a bull’s-eye on hospital profits. But some rural facilities could make more.

The state’s proposed payment formula gives high priority to independent and critical access hospitals, though some who would benefit question what the consequences will be

From rationing masks to polishing emergency plans, here’s how Colorado hospitals are preparing for the coronavirus

Hospitals are required to have plans for emergencies like a potential outbreak of the COVID-19 virus

Colorado hospitals hate the plan to cap their prices. Here’s how they want to control health costs instead.

The Colorado Hospital Association has lined up behind a “total cost of care” model similar to what is used in Massachusetts

Hospitals are backing off a budget fight over Colorado’s reinsurance program. Is a deal possible?

The Colorado Hospital Association dropped its lawsuit over the fees that fund the health insurance program

The Polis administration just cut $51 million from its budget request for Colorado’s reinsurance program

The state will receive more money than expected from the federal government to fund the program that has reduced some people’s health insurance premiums dramatically

Colorado hospitals — under increased scrutiny — raised prices and saw more profit, new report says

The report from the Polis administration shows per-patient profits at Colorado hospitals reached their highest level in at least a decade in 2018

Groups tied to hospitals, insurance companies launch pricey ad blitz against Colorado public option

Partnership for America’s Health Care Future and Colorado’s Health Care Future spent $121,000 on television and digital ads against the proposal, which will be debated in the upcoming legislative session

Colorado’s new reinsurance program has a TABOR problem. Lawmakers fear that could cause “cascading” impacts across the budget.

As Polis requests more money, a legislative analysis found the health insurance program could have an additional $165 million budgetary hit

Colorado hospitals just avoided tens of millions of dollars in federal funding cuts — but it might not last

The cuts would most affect hospitals like Denver Health that care for a lot of uninsured patients

Colorado hospitals accuse Polis administration of hurting Medicaid patients, as health fight grows nastier

In a letter to the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, hospital executives say onerous rules, outdated processes are putting patients at risk

Colorado officials have finalized their proposal for a public health insurance option. Here’s what we still don’t know about it.

Short answer: There's a lot for lawmakers to fight over, from hospital and insurance company participation to an application for federal approval

In a plan to set hospital prices, Colorado could see the mother of all health care battles

State leaders are coy about how they would compel hospitals to participate in the newly proposed public health insurance option

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