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Opinion: As emergency doctors, we see the compromise Colorado Option health insurance bill as our best shot at affordable, quality health care

You don’t need a medical degree to know that our health care system is broken.  Millions of Americans remain uninsured. Many cannot afford to pay their medical bills even if they have insurance, yet the health-care industry is growing and profiting more  than ever. The rising cost of health care is a crisis facing Colorado […]

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Opinion: Amid COVID-19, our health-care heroes and hospitals are putting our communities first

Every minute of every day since the pandemic struck, doctors, nurses and other workers in Colorado hospitals have played a critical role in the response to COVID-19. They have worked tirelessly to avoid the shortages of hospital beds we have seen in other states. They have pioneered new, life-saving treatments for COVID-19 patients. They have […]

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Colorado hospitals’ profit margins are nation’s highest as state lawmakers move to cap health care costs

Colorado hospitals charge more, have higher costs and still report higher profit margins than any other state, according to a financial analysis of federal data presented Wednesday to the Colorado Business Group on Health.  Both for-profit and nonprofit hospitals in Colorado have made “strategic decisions to maximize revenue and profit,” in large part by consolidating […]